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Dear Kim Jongwoon,

Hi! I missed the official 0:00 in Korea of your birthday, so I’m kind of sorry for that, but at least in my time zone it’s the 24th still. I’ll also start off by saying this isn’t going to be a mushy letter because I’m bad with feelings and whatever but okay. You’ve changed my life in a really odd way, but that’s also good. Initially, I see a video of you and go “wow he’s amazing and handsome and talented and sadhjdsf;kj;adsfkl” and all that but then the back of my mind is like “must grab frames from 12:07 to 12:09.8 for giffing purposes.” Hahaha. But, unfortunately I’ve been lazy (it’s why I included a gif of you playing games – what I’ve been occupying a lot of my time with…..). I guess I can afford to be since you’re not really in the public eye anymore, which is fine as well. The past year (since your last birthday) feels like it’s flown by in more ways than one - I’ve graduated while you’ve also sort of had a huge life change as well in entering the military.. and I miss you a lot! I remember the day you dyed your hair pink, I slept in late that day, woke up and went on twitter to find your hair was pink. PINK! I was shocked ahahaah. I truly (really, really, since there’s no fancams and no fan photos and..) appreciate the sporadic selca, just, please, occasionally, let’s not wear a hat. ~__~ One day I might come to Korea, and hopefully when I do I can mumble at you in odd sounding Korean while you take my coffee order (which I will probably mess up as well).  I think you’re a really good person and you deserve to be happy! Happy!!! I could say other feelings-y stuff but I feel embarrassed so I won’t but… I love you!  Happy Birthday, you old man.

[kor] 장마인데 비가안오네.. 마빗에서 커피에취하자 음악과함께~~^^

[eng] It’s the rainy season but (it seems) it won’t rain.. let’s get drunk on coffee and music at mobit~~^^

익명 회원 asked: The many p in your url

Yes, yesung-oppppa®, now with twice as many p’s as original oppa

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익명 회원 asked: Why are you working so much

Because I am a poor college student and need money for this oppa addiction. Also for electricity and food and stuff but yeah, oppa.

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